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The ECOHEADS shower-head is an amazing and aesthetic new product for the professional market. It is a must have in any modern salon!
It is 100% recyclable.
The shower-head has an environmentally friendly design that doubles water pressure .
Powerful water stream combined with a small holes shower-plate act together as skin massage, offering a relaxing experience for your client from start to finish.
The unique filtration-system helps to reduce chlorine and generates negative ions as water goes through, which softens the hair for a smoother end result.

Thanks to the purifying qualities of the filter screens, this original product also removes sediment, rust and sand for cleaner water.

W.E.L.S Information :

S11694 (EcoHeads17) 

5.5 Liters Per minute 

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Sizes 20x20

Metirials  Recycled plastic