Peroxide is not just Peroxide- and 60 vol should be BANNED

I once confiscated a 60 vol off a client….literally told her much to her horror, that it was coming with me, never to be seen or used again.....
coming from the days of streaking caps, 60 vol under a dryer....

the shit should be illegal.

 but we didn’t have the advanced science that we have now.

Last week we talked about colour correction, which is what every toning application is. - i hope you all have colour wheels and underlying pigment charts on your back walls now, if you didn’t already..

let’s talk peroxides and mixing ratios…..

Peroxide is not just peroxide.
i’ve had this argument for 20 years.....

because yes, that’s how long i’ve been a rep for. 
You can use the best colour in the world, but if you use a cheap peroxide. 
you won’t get the best colour result that your colour company can offer. 

Colour and peroxide are calibrated to work together!

Bleaches are the same, there is no mixing to your favourite consistency if you want the manufacturers results. 
And there’s no point complaing if you didn’t follow the manufacturer mixing ratio.
Or if you used cheap peroxide because it cost you $4 less than your good one.
after all, it’s just peroxide. 
(which is .04 cents per mill- 40 cents in the bowl.) 

Over the last twenty years i’ve done a lot of comparisons with ingredients in products, it’s something my clients know me for.
I’ve challenged salons that weren’t getting great results with their good quality bleach to use the companies peroxide instead of the cheap one, and the results have changed instantly. 
Cheap peroxides are just raw peroxide, they don’t have the buffers that your colour companies peroxide has. scrimping on saving 40 cents by using cheap peroxides, just compromises your colour result.
Bleaches are designed to work with their respective peroxides, and MANUFACTURERS mixing ratios. not the one you made up….(Because you like that fluffy pavlova mix....

Use good quality tools with your colour too. 
Look at your tint brushes and foil too.

That tin of tint brushes out the back- most probably needs thrown out and new brushes stored in it- you will be surprised at the results…

Constant feedback i get from framar brushes are that the application is so much neater and salons are using less product- 
Update your tools….
Don’t cut corners, 
These are your assets, they are why you should be charging yourself out at $100 an hour  and if you don’t know your overheads and are taking a guess like so many owners- we will cover this next weekend! 

invest in your salon, your future, and don’t go to the bunnings of hair supplies, when you can come and support two local chicks giving it a go!