the price is right….or is it…

do you know how much it costs to open your salon every week? 
or even every day?
or every hour?
or does fear keep you sticking your head in the sand?
do you price your services based on a guesstimate, or do you price them knowing what it takes to cover your costs?
or price yourself around the prices of salons in your suburb?
it’s one of the big weaknesses owners face.
it’s time to be accountable, break down the costs and charge appropriately
i can tell you a lot are in the boat called guesstimating 
but how do you do break down your cost,  when you are too scared to even look…
if debt is out of control and you are behind with rent, tax, super, stock.
you definitely need to put your big girl pants on and face the big picture.
do you know how much a colour in a bowl is?
do you think that by passing on an eftpos surcharge you will miraculously make more money?
or is your shortfall in not knowing how much it costs to open the doors?
if you are an owner who does, congrats to you. you should be making enough to keep those debts away.
if you aren’t. 
get a note pad, or spread sheet, and start looking at your costs.
workers comp
EVERY single cost your salon has needs to be included.
even the toilet paper…
Go through your bank statements and petty cash to make sure you don’t miss ANYTHING. 
break these down into weekly, monthly and quarterly costs, 
then bring them all back to a daily rate, and an hourly rate…and then you have a starting point…
if you don’t know these, how do you know if your business is on track?
or surviving?
you can tread water, or you can face the fear and crunch the numbers, because in the long term you will be better facing the fear.
for the mindset that thinks that using a cheap colour at $9.95 a tube  is better than paying $14 a tube, is it the same quality? will you get the best results, because 
if we break that down to grams in a bowl, it literally comes down to around 30 cents to $1 difference per application. 
it’s not the cost that’s going to break the bank is it…so you need to figure out the holes in your business and what are your most expensive costs..
think smart, take the plunge, and see what your true hourly rate to break even is…
and if you need a hand, we are Always here to guide you, 
after all, we all work better when we support each other x