Nutdust - Smooth Nuts 50g
Nutdust - Smooth Nuts 50g
Nutdust - Smooth Nuts 50g

Nutdust - Smooth Nuts 50g

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nourish and protect your most important asset with smooth nuts.

smooth nuts is a high quality, anti- wrinkle moisturising cream. Itprovides men with a more youthful looking scrotum, by smoothing and regenerating the skin. The peptide-based cream’s composition supports moisture retention in the skin. This helps smooth out wrinkles, tightens the skin, and replenishes it’s firmness and elasticity.

smooth nuts can help your testicles hang lower, therefore look bigger (as men get older, testosterone levels reduce, which in turn reduces the level of sperm production and ultimately shrinks the testes). 

smooth nuts can provide a less invasive, far cheaper and less painful alternative to scrotox.

irritable clothing, body soaps, clothing detergents, hard water, genetics, dry air, bedroom activities, whatever the reason; daily impact's on your skin can leave it dry and tired, so let smooth nuts bring back its youthful appearance and feel.


  • tightens and supports the skin for an overall lifted effect
  • intensely hydrates the skin to restore a youthful plump complexion
  • speeds up cellular turnover resulting in renewed and regenerated skin
  • enhances cell barrier function to provide healthier looking, toned skin
  • hydrates and conditions the skin
  • brightens skin, increases cell proliferation and promotes collagen synthesis
  • provides powerful antioxidants to protect from free radical stress and encourage cellular energy
  • contains progeline to protect the skin matrix, haptapeptide-8 to tone and retexture the skin, matronly 3000 to restore skin layers and marine collagen to stimulate collagen synthesis

where nature and science come together, don't wait any longer, get your smooth nuts now.

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