9 Minute Colour in your salon

Single operator salon?

Want fast results, instead of the traditional 30-45 minute processing time, with great grey coverage, the ability to lift, striking fashion shades, and even a highlift blonde?

Milk_Shake 9 minute colour is a compact colour range featuring 36 intermixable shades.  Ideal for a single operator salon, focusing on one on one clients, this colour changes the way your salon works.

With a 1:1 mixing ratio, and used as a regrowth only application, there's a minimum of three colouring services per tube in this nifty range.

Release time of the client changes, as you literally have a 9 minute processing time, which is just enough time to clean up your colour bowls and brushes, and prepare your work space for finishing your client.

You can lighten up to 4 levels, using a higher vol, create amazing fashion tones, (adding base if the client is over 30% grey, and even create subtle foils, or highlights using the 12.1

9 Minute colour also features a CLEAR.  Used correctly CLEAR can increase intensity of colour and help assist in lightening the hair due to the higher alkalinity of the product.  Very useful to have in your salon tools, as it can also help lighten colour that is too dark, or help remove unwanted fashion colours.

Milk_Shake 9 minute colour is designed as a regrowth application colour.  Whilst we dont often hear of salons needing to refresh the mid lengths and ends with this colour, if you do need to, reach for Milk_Shake direct colour and some whipped cream to restore the shine and tone to midlengths whilst the root colour is processing.

Can you leave it more than 9 minutes?

Ideally 10 minutes is the max!  Leaving it longer than this will result in a deeper shade than your target, so definitely not a colour for a client wanting to rinse it at home.

Ideal for the home based salon, single operator salons, and for clients who are running late to their appointment!

Want to give it a try?

Give us a buzz as we have trial packs avaliable for you and your salon!