Covid and kicking goals!

Covid lockdown....

What are we all going to do for the next 9 days?

Netflix and chill?  Or Netflix and eat too  much chocolate and feel sorry for yourself?


Just because you can’t service clients, doesn’t mean you can’t be in your place of business.

Use this time to re analyse your business.

Get your pricing right, based on your overheads, not what the salon down the road charges.

Write down every nitty gritty expense, and find out what your real cost is....


Look into your marketing, what are you doing?

What could you be doing?

You can plan and schedule at least 3 months social media in the next 10 days....


Eofy is also here, so do a thorough stock take, make sure you claim all your losses thru damaged stock, and claim all of your expenses, you’ve got the time to go thru that shoebox too and get up to date to start afresh.


Thought of starting a website?

Selling online is an untouched market by salons, and the big boys only really exist because we haven’t had time to start a site,

We can even help you set up and host a site, your end goal is to increase your profit.


Let’s face it, most of you work on the floor 5 days a week, and try and run a business, and a family 7 days a week.

It doesn’t balance. And it should.


So look at the next two weeks as, I will get up and work my normal work day.

I’ll just do all the things I wish I could get done when I’m on the floor.

If you were working 8-8 this week, work 8-5 at home, and spend the extra 3 hours being at home.


Balance your time out.

Make the most of it.


Put your big girls pants on and use this time to be better than ever.


And if you need me to kick your ass to the curb you have my number.