Does your Business pay for your holiday?

I went to NZ in Jan  for my son jakes 18th…
yep, he’s bloody 18!!!!
thanks to the virgin points that i had earnt though the year, my flights for two to queenstown return and accommodation were “free”.
what are points you ask?
I bought jakes air pods with them at christmas too, and stayed two nights at the fullerton in sydney on them as well- no way i can afford that hotel! but god we love it….

back to what are points.
if you are still paying all of your bills thru your bank account you are mad.

if you paid all of your bills through a credit card that earns you points. 
you too could be benefiting from them.
amex is a really good one to look at,
mine is an amex velocity card

 they are one of the few companies that  still let you pay your bas on the card..and give you points for that too! 

we are also changing eftpos machines to one that earns points…
it was a very wise business owner who taught me this- (she had many holidays over the years on her points….)
the only rule is, pay the bloody card at the end of every month!
don’t get caught in the credit trap.
i had enough points built up in a year for a return trip for two to europe..and will again by this christmas! 

Make your business work for you, and look into earning points, you can earn extras with fuel, and other offers that your card company offers too!

so do some research, and get earning points now!