Forget the Man Bun,...its time for curls!

boys and perms…
you heard it here….
everywhere you look, boys are rocking curls!
from the mullet perm to the fade and perm, teenagers world wide are embracing curls!
but can you capture this lucrative market?
or does no one in your salon perm?

Its a skill that salons scoff at now...and boys are finding it hard to find a salon that can help them!
we had a salon call us last week to bounce some ideas around as a young man was booked in for a perm on the weekend…
he had rung 14 salons and not one of them could offer him this service!!!
14 salons that don’t perm anymore…..
and one salon that did, and does…
And yes, they charged $250 for the service!

that young man walked out with the biggest smile on his face, and the best thing, he probably has at least 5 mates who might just decide that a perm is their thing...
just like fashions, hair fashions revolve too, big bouncy blow waves are back….
that means having blow waving skills as opposed to blast drying and ironing skills.
Shaggy hairstyles, curtain bangs- new name there….even steaks are making a come back!
Time to get the perm rods out of retirement, dust off those rubbers, and promote that your salon still has the skill of perming...

After all, its not just the blue rinse brigade wanting curls now!