Hair Loss

did you know that male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness also known as androgenic alopecia is commonly caused by DHT -speeding up the growth phase of hair, the anogen phase, hence its name.
this commonly affects men from their early 20’s if they are unlucky with their genes, and women more commonly from their 50’s when menopause changes the hormone levels with a decrease in oestogen.
The use of hair loss treatments can slow this phase back down, allowing for a longer growth cycle.
products should contain a DHT retardant to be effective.
most products will also have ingredients that stimulate blood flow to the bulb of the hair, to keep feeding the bulb, keeping it healthy.
if you have clients who are experiencing hair loss, it can also be attributed to medical reasons, so seeing the Dr is always advised, but get them to start a growth stimulant product as well.
Raindance Blooming Exilir has proven results in combating this cycle, using a unique ingredient called ISPTIC- developed by the University of Calabria, composed of Hyaluronic acid and soy proteins.

It inhibits the action of 5-reductase considered to be one of the main reasons of gaur loss With an antioxidant and anti inflammatory action, it helps stimulate the hair buld, encouraging better blood flow to nourish, strengthen and encourage hair growth.

Used twice a week, Blooming Elixir has been proven to increase hair growth by up to 170%!

And the best thing, ISPTIC is in all Rain Dance Shampoos!