Introducing Artego...

i thought i’d take the time to introduce you to some of our brands. 
starting with one of the first.
this handsome young man rocked up to a very early boutique, saying he had heard wonderful things about us- being a sales agent i smelt that saying a mile away,
needless to say, artego was introduced to Boutique, and has a place in my heart.
fernado is the most beautiful person i have worked with in my 20 years of repping, not only is he gorgeous, but he is the australian distributor of this amazing brand. With a Artistic Director who is the NSW Hairdresser of the year, to supporting Aus Fashion Weekly annually, Artego is a love affair.
"It’s color"- Artego's permanent colour range is so easy to use and understand, i still go to it for any colour work i’m doing, 150 gm tube, creamy pearl texture, the choice to create what you want from so many shades, then beauty fusion, a unique colour collection, where you create permanent, gloss, or semi, all in one range, which is  perfect for the one on one operator.
it’s a brand and a company that aren’t in it for online sales, or undercutting a salon, it’s just a beautiful quietly growing product that is simply beautiful.
from raindance, which is certified organic with ingredients like ipstic that fascinate me, to the  touch styling range,  good society, lola coloured masks,  and all the other amazing product, it’s one of those brands that’s like a cult.
8 years on, and i’m still obsessed with Artego...