Introducing Arvo...Aussie all the way...

We love our boutique companies, so we were delighted to see that an ex colleague of Kylie's had taken the plunge and created his own brand, with a fragrance inspired by summer!

Arvo is a compact Australian owned and made brand, that not only produces amazing products, but also support and give back to our community by partnering with SafeHome and Kombi Clinic.

Since 2017 the Kombi Clinic have driven around the greater Brisbane area, bringing life saving information and treatment for those afflicted with Hep C.  And all for free...

SafeHome Alliance is an organisation that assists survivors of DFV in finding a safe place to call home.

Arvo also throw themselves into all kinds of charity work, teaming up with local salons to help Missions provide meals, haircuts, clothing, and heart felt conversations with those doing it tough.

The brand is compact- too many arent these days, and focuses on building a salon only tribe, so no competing with the online sharks out there.

Hyaluronic acid is a huge player in the range, plumping dry dehydrated hair, the blonde toning shampoo is amazing, and best of all, Arvo uses recycled plastic for its packaging and is 100% recyclable.

We are proud to support this funky little Australian range, and look forward to watching Arvo grow with the support of like minded salon owners.

Give us a shout and we can drop some beautiful Arvo products into your salon for you to experience!