i was chatting with a client this week about her colour, and how she felt it was matt.
which turned the conversation to lighting.
and how it affects colour.
salon decor also affects how we see colour in the salon, which could in turn affect the toner you use based on what you see…or think you see…
Back in the PPS days we once had a colour demo in a salon that had their back wall painted green.
every blonde they did, looked green in the salon…that wall might of looked good, but it was a curse when it came to colour.
just like our lighting.
this blonde is a beautiful clean blonde…
3 pics, all in different areas of the salon, with 3 totally different tones
a client can walk out of the salon with a stunning blonde, but at home she might see gold….and again, it could be the lighting in the room where she is looking at the colour that throws the gold.
check out your salon lighting, is it natural daylight lighting, or warm lighting, or cool?
and your walls? are they a neutral tone? or do you have an amazing green feature wall that could be throwing a green tinge into your colours?