That dreaded oil issue.....

The over active sebaceous gland....

Sebaceous glands are microscopic glands located in the dermis of our skin, sebum production is closely tied to hormone levels in our bodies.  Testosterone can stimulate the sebaceous glands and cause them to increase in size and ramp up sebum secretion.

This commonly occurs in teens, and menopause for women, although other medical issues can be the cause also.

So how can we help this issue?

Theres some great shampoos on the market to help combat over active sebaceous glands, including Milk_Shake's Normalising Shampoo.

Highly recommended for anyone facing this oily battle.

 Educate your client in not over stimulating the glands, flat palm massage whilst shampooing, no vigorous scrubbing, as all this will do is encourage futher sebum production, and condition mid lengths and ends only.

Diet is another factor, increasing the intake of Omega 3's found in fish nuts and seeds, can help reduce the inflammation.

Foods rich in zinc, like oysters, nuts, legumes, and whole grains can also assist.

Take a look at your clients lifestyle, and advise them on these diet changes, get them some great sebum reducing shampoo, and of course, you cant go past dry shampoo, Unite have an amazing range of dry shampoo's on offer for even the most stubborn sebum issues.