The Tools of the Trade


long gone are the days of UV sterilisers for brushes, and sterilising jars for combs-

now it’s up to the stylist to keep brushes and combs clean between clients…questionable really…

a good spray with Clini Clip after each use is a great way to keep bacteria and bugs at bay on combs and brushes..

but what about our other tools?

a barber once told me her detailers didn’t work anymore….

she had no idea why, but when i checked them out and took the head became very apparent!

the inside of the head was FULL of hair..

gross really…but the build up had clogged the internal workings of the detailer preventing it from cutting…

it’s easy to keep your clippers clean, both the detailer and berets head are removable, once a week take the head off and give it a good clean..

Keep your magic clips/legends- whatever clipper you use clean by sliding a straw between the blades once a week, and using a clean blades spray on them as well.

Don’t over oil them either, just as not enough oil can cause issues, too much oil can be just as bad..

Hairdryers are another concern.

if the filter isn’t cleaned regularly it can cause a restriction in air flow, causing the inner coil to overheat, which in turn can cause your dryers outer casing to melt or distort due to the restriction of air flow.

Our HP dryer has a nifty self cleaning filter, you should activate this daily to ensure you get years of use from this.

we have learnt, from experience that most often when a tool is “faulty” it’s caused by not maintaining it properly.

which in turn voids the warranty of the product, leaving the hairdresser with a bad taste in their mouth about the brand, when in reality, if the product was routinely maintained and cleaned the issue wouldn’t of arisen.

a chef doesn’t cut with a blunt knife, and a hairdresser shouldn’t work with unclean tools.

So invest in some clean blades, some cliniclip and keep your blades clean, and your dryers dust and hair free!