We love your socials!

we love your socials-

love the gorgeous work we see, and love the count the bobby pin comp i have with my bestie -if you are advertising that you are a wedding specialist, make sure you can’t see pins in the upstyle!!!!

a hairdresser will always zoom in on that pic and see if they can see them…

i once found a photo a salon had shared claiming they were wedding experts, we counted over 40 bobby pins that you could see on a photo that resembled the back end of a small hairy dog…not where i would be going for my wedding upstyle...

remember that your socials are your instant advertisement for your work.

Everything needs to be on point about your pic, or reel, or tik tok or whatever platform you are advertising on.

check the background of your pics, make sure there’s nothing in the back ground to distract from the beautiful hair you are showcasing…is your cape advertising the colour brand you are using?  

or is it an old ratty one that you just grabbed off a trolley?

wording is really important too, short punchy, to the point, and think about the phrases you use…for example…

we shampoo hair- we don’t wash it- you wash the dog, you wash the car, but you shampoo hair.

a wash and dry sounds terrible.

a shampoo treatment and blow wave sounds a lot better.

The traditional advertising of your client wearing your style has changed…and once that photo is on social media, it can be shared, saved, and doesn’t really go away…

be the director as well as the stylist,  check those pics, look at them from the eye of a client, think about your wording, and use your social platforms to the best of your ability…after all, free advertising is the easiest way to help grow your business! 

be consistent too, otherwise you can get lost in the world of scrolling, change it up with a reel, get in the heads of the millennial generation, they aren’t fb junkies anymore, they scroll through reels faster than i can type a blog!

get some testimonials from clients out there too!  nothing beats a great review from a client to build confidence in new clients.

Tag us when you’ve used our products, we love seeing what you guys can create and we love sharing to our page too!