You Cant Tone at Level 10, when you are level 9!

Lifting from a low level?

and want to neutralise the warm for a client as the journey progresses?
too often we try to bleach bleach bleach, and totally destroy someone’s hair in the process 
a level 4 to level 10 is a lot of stress on the hair shaft.
Its less than .005 thick…
one common mistake is toning past your level.
if the hair is level 9.
you can’t tone to a ten.
underlying pigment and neutralising tones only work on the same level 
if the hair is visibly orange. your 10 level toner is not going to work.
and it’s a mistake made all too often.
Tone to the level that you are facing, and tone to the canvas that you have. 
I helped a young lady out in the bush with a colour correction this weekend.


The young lady in question had decided to play with direct dye from the chemist, sending her already foiled hair red...and then, as they do, decided she wanted to go blonde again, so bought a lovely box bleach from the chemist.....( chemists and supermarkets should be banned from selling hair colour!!)

I eliminated bands with Artego Lovely Lights paste and Lovely Lights 10 vol,( as used with each other the bleach stops processing after 30 minutes, and is gentle on fragile hair, and added olaplex to help maintain the integrity of the hair 
Rinsed in cool water after 20, some no 2 for ten minutes. and then we had our yellow canvas. with some light banding from the direct dye red
so what did i use to get my result.
i toned the banded areas with a lvl 9 avion, lvl10 pearl- as per my colour chart, cancelling out that warmth.
i added 5 gm of mother of pearl to the mix and 5 gm of 9.02.
for the ends, and roots, where there was no banding, i used the opposite.
20gm mother of pearl, 20 gram 9.02 and 5 gm avion and 5 gm pearl.
if a house has splotchy walls, the white paint we put on it isn’t going to cover all the splotches.
we have to fill, and tone correctly to get the best result, someiimes you need to tone twice to get the ultimate result you and your client wants....

So use your colour wheel, and your underlying pigment chart, if you dont have one handy, google results show plenty of them, dont guess, be educated, after all, this is why we are the professionals, not the chemist!
ps- only took me two hours in total too, 
i was pretty chuffed. 


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