ABBA True Shapes Herbal Therapy Acid Wave Perm

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For over 25 years ABBA Pure Performance Hair Care has been a leader in product formulation. 100% Vegan hair care products and Gluten-Free ProQuinoa Complex delivers performance, protein and purity like no other professional salon brand on the market.

Enhance your hair elasticity and maintain your curl with ABBA Herbal Therapy Acid Wave Perm. It is the ideal formula for wash, twists outs, and flip. Infused with protein to get into the hair cuticle to make it healthy. Almond oil helps to nourish and give the hair a great glow.

Avocado oil content strengthens the hair strands and prevents breakages. It hinders the excessive production of hair. Good for waves, the formula dries quickly and helps to style. This Long hair body wave perm delivers a natural look to the hair with a touch of silkiness with its sweet almond oil content.

This new wave perm formula assures you of no sticky residue. No crunch experience during natural styling. It is a good dampener for combing dry hair. Suitable for moulding short hair. It helps to avoid hair clippings and restructures your hair’s elasticity.

Wave perm long hair conditions improve with an even distribution of ABBA True Shapes Herbal Therapy Acid formula. It contains no synthetic oils and parabens. It doesn’t have alcohol content to enhance adequate processing with little or no odour.

ABBA True Shapes Herbal Therapy Acid Wave Perm Features

  • Wave lotion, additive, plastic cap, and neutraliser included in the kit
  • Contains no synthetic dyes or sulphate