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Instantly restores brightness, takes care of the color by sealing it inside the cuticle, preserving shine and enhancing its intensity.

It hydrates, restructures, perfumes the hair making it pure silk. It does not weight down.


Glycolipids and botanical phospholipids EXTRACTED FROM SUNFLOWER. Bio-protection of color from atmospheric pollutants (urban protection) thanks to the greater cohesion of the capillary cuticles with less color fading and increased hydration.

WASABIA JAPONICA It guarantees greater stability and protects the hair color from degradation and free radicals (color fade protection). Naturally rich in Melanin which has a booster effect to counteract the blue light and prevent oxidative stress.

JOJOBA Jojoba esters and oil, excellent nourishment for the hair, they gives emolliency without weighting the hair down and protect it from moisture and greasiness, leaving it free and easy to manage.

CYSTEINE It is a reducing agent, known for its strong invigorating and antioxidant properties.

VEGETABLE KERATIN Bio-mimetic alternative of animal keratin, a fundamental protein of the hair. Combination of quinoa, low molecular weight vegetable proteins and peptides, it improves hydration, strengthens and has an anti-frizz action.