Nut Dust -Clansman
Nut Dust -Clansman

Nut Dust -Clansman

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utdust is a powerful blend of essential oils and friendly powders that combat sweat, chafing, rashes, smells and discomfort. It can be applied all over your body, including on your neck after you shave, arm pits, thighs and of course below your underwear.

nutdust clansman provides effortless relief in a bottle, removing friction between your legs, relief from that shaving rash or underarm sweat, leaving you with a silky smooth feeling that lets you glide your way through the day with pheromone qualities.

Grace the workplace in style, as you seamlessly cruise one location to the next. About to take that bike ride, hit the gym or pound the pavement, then let nutdust clansman provide you effortless comfort in those areas you do not want to work out.

nutdust clansman botanical extracts will purify the skin and help eliminate the unwanted bacteria and fungal infections, allowing you to live free, be happy and look after your body.

An ancient legend from the highlands of Scotland, nutdust clansman is made from only natural ingredients.

The Highland Scottish clans believed it infused their warrior spirit, bringing together the natural deoderising qualities with its anti-chafing benefits, to support the warrior in the harshest of battles.

It is believed nutdust clansman promotes confidence, hope and mental strength, making it great for sporting use or the workplace.

To this day true warriors still trust in the legend of nutdust clansman.

nutdust clansman gives you:

  • a unique, professional design of essential oils that allure with a manly fragrance
  •  a formulated combination of ingredients that provide antibacterial and anti fungal properties
  •  a natural base powder that is free from talc and carcinogenic impacts
  •  a genuine alternative to creams to keep you dry with durable comfort
  •  support you with comfort and quality in all that you do

Take the revolutionary leap in nutcare, look after yourself with nutdust clansman - essential grooming for men.

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